The Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities includes more than 120 olive municipalities and provinces across Spain, with one factor in common: the olive tree as a sign of identity. Also it has 7 Protected Designations of Origin as partners.
The work that has been done by AEMO since its foundation in 1996, focuses on the valuation of the fruits of olive groves, of the olive oil and of the table olives.
To do so, in our Association we spread the olive culture and its flagship, the extra virgin olive oil, and we defend a decent income for the olive cultivators who have been suffering from the lack of profitability for many years.
The technical team of AEMO has a wide experience in organizing and coordinating awards for the quality of the EVOOs, being actively part of national and international juries. We participate every year in the competitions for the quality of the EVOO of the Provincial Council of Cordoba, the Provincial Council of Seville, BioCórdoba, PDO Sierra Mágina, TerraOlivo (Israel) or the Olive growing Communal Heritage Award, which is awarded every two years in the Montoro Olive Fair (Cordoba), among others. Moreover, AEMO convenes annually its own awards, including the Award of Best olive oil mill of Spain.