EVOOLEUM Is an international competition for the quality of extra virgin olive oils that annually chooses the 100 best EVOOs in the world. This is a unique contest and the most rigorous in terms of quality and promotion of olive juice. A most exclusive and prestigious group of expert tasters worldwide is responsible for assessing the organoleptic quality of the samples presented, from which comes the exclusive TOP100 of the best extra virgins in the world in each campaign, as well as the best in their different categories, varieties and countries.

The different categories established in the contest -some of them unpublished to date- allow fully covering the entire spectrum of extra virgins, taking into account their organoleptic characteristics, origin, olive varieties, PDO or PGI, packaging design, etc. without overlooking the organic oils of Integrated Production or with Kosher and Halal certification.

To ensure maximum strictness, the EVOOs submitted must come from a batch of at least 2,500 liters and the candidate must keep it in their facilities until at least 30 days after the closing date. The entire process of the contest and the tasting is made before a notary, and includes the verification of origin of at least 10% of the selected samples, which are randomly designated by the notary.

The EVOOLEUM Tasting Panel is made up of the most prestigious international experts.

The call to participate in the tenth edition of the EVOOLEUM Awards (Campaign 2024/25) will open on November, 2024
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